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How easy do you get angry? How long do you let things bother you? Are you holding a grudge against someone who doesn’t even know it.  Think about the amount of time you spending complaining about things that have little to no impact on your life in the grand scheme of things.


A few days ago I went to my local KFC on my lunch break. I ordered chicken tenders with a side of mashed potatoes, hold the gravy. I’m that odd duck who doesn’t really care for brown gravy. So I get back to work, sit down at the lunch table and what stares out of the bag at me? Mashed Potatoes covered in gravy, the receipt specifically says no gravy.
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Now I’m not the type of person to take the food back especially after I left the building, but I did spend the next couple hours complaining to anyone who would listen. Not to mention after this travesty I find out they gave me a rock hard biscuit. I’m even complaining to my Pastor, because he doesn’t have bigger things to worry about than my dislike of gravy. Of course I didn’t call him for that reason, we were having our weekly phone meeting when all this occurred. He jokingly says to me, this should be your next blog title, “Hold the Gravy.” Now here we are.
Now I’m sure Betsy at the ChickenHut wasn’t standing in the back trying to think of ways to ruin my day. She saw mashed potatoes and followed her normal process and slathered it in gravy. Yeah I paid for what I asked for but I gave the mashed potatoes to someone else so they weren’t wasted.
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In a time where millions go hungry every day and one look at me shows I eat multiple meals a day, why was I so annoyed over a little gravy? In a time where a lot of people are offended so easily over trivial things, most of us still expect things to be perfect and at the same time if we make a mistake we expect it to be immediately forgiven and forgotten.
A lot of the things that upset us and we allow to ruin our day are unintentional. Even when they are intentional unless it puts ourselves or someone else in danger it is often best to turn the other cheek. Love on people, someone who makes a mistake may be having a bad day. We don’t know what other people are going through and it only takes a moment to brighten someone’s day instead of letting a small mistake ruin yours.
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Let go of the pet peeves and look at the bigger picture, and not just out in the big world, but at home also. Is it worth raising a fuss over dirty socks on the floor or can we just take five seconds and put them in the hamper? If it’s part of a bigger issue than it needs to be addressed.
There’s two big lessons that my step-mother taught me that come up very often as I’m raising my kids.
1. Sometimes you just gotta have cake for breakfast.
2. Choose your battles wisely.
Sometimes it’s best to walk away or turn the other cheek. There is no reason to let a little issue become a huge aggravation. Now by no means am I saying let people walk all over you, just ask yourself was it intentional? If so am I giving the other person what they want by causing a scene.
Sometimes it just takes a couple deep breathes to refocus and continue on your own positive path instead of letting something derail you. Stay positive with the little issues and they won’t be issues for very long. This takes time to learn, I myself am a work in progress as you can see with the gravy incident, but once we can look past the minor things it will give us that much more energy to devote to serious problems.