Well, yes, you guessed it.  I really am singing in the rain.  It’s downpouring in Cumberland County today.  We needed the rain so bad.  But now it’s possible for flash flooding!

I love a good rain!  Just watching it come down and then if you get a good thunder/lightning show, it’s just cherry on top.  You see, I’m what they call part melancholy and part choleric.  The choleric is the leader side.  Make decisions.  Get it done.  The melancholy side says,  let me think deeply about life while singing in the rain.

I’m a HUGE Walt Disney World fan.  And without fail, every time my family goes, we always go thru The Great Movie Ride.  This ride takes you slowly thru the progression of how movies became.  One of them is a scene where Gene Kelly is literally singing in the rain.  Although I’ve never seen the movie.  Especially since it’s debut…

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