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Much like this blog I am a work in progress. There is a constant state of learning, changing and growing in my life, especially since I’ve started my faith walk. I’ve noticed ones own personal definition of progress may differ not just person to person but also in themselves. Sometimes if a goal is missed or being worked towards they don’t see all the progress they’ve made to get where they currently are. Also sometimes your next goal isn’t the same goal as God’s next goal for you.
For the second week in a row this blog didn’t go as plan. I actually wrote a full blog Tuesday and when I hit the publish button it completely disappeared, save file and everything.  This was the second time as I had lost the first two paragraphs of the original blog that I wrote during my lunch break Tuesday before losing the full blog  later that night. As my usual Wednesday night deadline neared a few additional roadblocks appeared. Thursday morning I sat down to attempt to write for the third time and now not just was the save file gone, but my mind was wiped. The idea I had for this week was still there but the full concept and information I wrote couldn’t be recalled to rewrite.


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I’ve been writing in various forms for close to two decades so writer’s block isn’t a new thing. Sometimes its more than writer’s block. Last week we talked about God’s timing and that is always a factor. Are your goals and God’s goals for you the same? Even if they are often the priority order isn’t.
I’ve been running this blog for a little over a month, and also encouraging my pastor and his wife to do their own. This ppast Tuesday when I was planning the original blog for this week I started coming up with some ideas to take this blog thing to the next level.
I was planning big, a concept that was going to be bigger than Joel Osteen and Billy Graham put together. What happens next? I can’t even get a blog to post. I’m sitting here dreaming of being the Mark Zuckerberg of digital ministry and I can’t even get a weekly article up on time.
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Wednesday afternoon I had an epiphany. I realized that over the past few weeks I hadn’t been focusing on my online schooling at Christian Leadership Institute.  I also had not been keeping up with my Bible studies and prayer as much as I should. While my focus was in a good faith based project, I wasnt fully allowing for spiritual growth.
The class I was currently taking was called People Skills for Ministry. It wasn’t a class I was enjoying and wasn’t doing overly well in, I failed two of my first three quizzes. I often joke I don’t like people, but persons are OK. I was already thinking negatively about this class and put it off as much as possible. All kidding aside ask someone who knows me and they would say I’m probably more of a people person than most.
So God put it on my heart to refocus on this class and take it seriously. He has a plan for me and here I was slowfooting. Wednesday evening I read about a dozen chapters and took 3 quizzes finishing my People Skills for Ministry class with a B-, a full letter grade higher than I originally expected.
He also refocused my spiritual growth plan. I needed to put more effort into praying regular and Bible reading while not falling behind on my studies. How could I do this? The answer was simple take two classes at once. You say JP3 you were putting off one now you want to do two, how does that make things easier? Simple my next two classes are on what I need most in spiritual growth, prayer and Jesus. I’ll be starting the Prayer course and New Testament courses soon.
So where does that leave my plans for being the Steve Jobs of faith blogging? It’s a work in progress. Just because my plan isn’t happening at a 100 miles an hour doesn’t mean it’s not going to happen, or that it isn’t God’s plan for me. It just means I’m not ready for that step and he’s getting me prepared.
There will be changes and advancements to this blog in weeks and months to come, and if the concept he is giving me grows and becomes what I believe it has the potential to become, I have to make sure I’m following his blueprints.